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History of AEON

AEON history started in Japan in 1758 where the founders were selling the products by peddling from town to town and emphasizing the importance of understanding the customer, hence, the company philosophy has always been “Customer First”. Despite all the challenges and industry revolutions for the past 262 years, AEON still stand strong especially in Malaysia. From a humble beginning, it grew to more than 150 retail stores all over Malaysia which consists of AEON Store, AEON Mall, AEON Big, AEON MaxValu and AEON Wellness. Offering product and services that range from groceries and daily necessities to beauty and health.

AEON (initially known as Jaya Jusco) was set up in response to the Malaysian Government’s invitation to AEON Japan to help modernise the retailing industries in Malaysia. The ‘AEON’ name today is well established among Malaysians as well as foreigners, especially due to its association with the international AEON Group of Companies. AEON has established itself as a leading chain of General Merchandise Stores (GMS) and supermarkets. AEON’s stores are mostly situated in suburban residential areas, catering to Malaysia’s vast middle-income group. The AEON Group of Companies consists of AEON Co., Ltd. and about 300 consolidated subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

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AEON Code of Conduct

Bring Out the Best of The Best. The starting point of our philosophy is the customer.
Our eternal mission is to benefit our customers and our operations are thus customer focused to the highest degree.
1. Our First Basic Principle is dedication to peace where we aim in every possible way to health, safety and peace of mind in our daily living.
a) We aim to contribute in every possible way to health, safety and peace of mind in daily living
b) As a good corporate citizen, we undertake many philanthropic activities
2. Our Second Basic Principle is dedication to people where we believe in the value of each individual's free spirit and vitality and our employee accept one another as equals committed to shared ideals.
a) We believe in the value of each individuals's free spirit and vitality
b) Our employees accept one another as equals committed to shared ideals
3. Our Third Basic Principle is dedicated to community where we encourage our relationship with local communities and aim to become the local community's most trusted partner in the effort to create amenities for better living.
a) We encourage our relationships with local communities to evolve into ongoing partnerships so that, together, we can create a future of limitless promise
b) We aim to become the local community's most trusted partnet in the effort to create amenities for better living
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AEON Business Academy

AEON Business Academy or more commonly termed as A.B.A is a special academic facility dedicated to cater to the learning and training of AEON People. Located at AEON Alpha Angle Shopping Centre, Wangsa Maju, the academy was formally known as Jusco Retail Centre (JRC). In 2013, it was renovated and upgraded with modern equipments to provide a more comfortable and pleasant learning environment. The academy was officially re-launched on 17th Sept 2013 by MD of AEON Co. (M) Bhd, Puan Nur Qamarina Chew Abdullah as well as Mr. Akihito Tanaka with the objectives of providing training and education programs for AEON People as well as to develop human capital. Currently, ABA consists of three schools which are School of Management, School of Operations and School of Hospitality. The Academy is equipped with a mini library, communication boards, discussion areas and two seminar rooms.

Management Trainee

Management Trainee program was developed to nurture qualified individuals into future LEADERS of the company. These 6 months training program was designed to enhance the trainees both in the theoretical as well as practical elements. As such, the program encompasses On Job as well as Off Job Training. Throughout the many years of the program, numerous successful Leaders were born including those who currently fill in the esteemed position of the management line. This program is unique in its own way as it gives the Trainees the opportunity to gain valuable experience as well as insights of the retailing industry from numerous perspectives and viewpoints. Fueled by the company’s firm belief in education, the Management Trainees Program strives to develop both personal as well as professional growth.


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